Friday, August 05, 2005

More Pics

These pics were take Dec 04

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my nephew Shane sleeping on my couch
(whatya think of that Chris*mas tree)

brother Bill sitting at thejedshed

My niece Stevie, my nephews Tyler, Chad and Shane

yours truly and Stevie making funny

Tyler wins the big Texas Holdem game
This pic was taken the moment of the win

Tyler snoozing in my chair

Max and Neko catchin some zzz...

Neko at his station


Shane and Tyler @ thejedshed

my planets
(the bottom right one has long since perished)

Neko on my front porch

There's Mom - Suzie Q...

my backyard
(not much of a sight)

There's my buddy Neko
(I think he wants to eat again)

back patio - and look - theres Neko

....The following pics were taken with Stephen's cellphone
December 03

Backyard Tree

my moms dogs, Max and Missy


me under my tree

The Infamous Broadway cafe. Had a front page article on the WallStreet Journal for taking out the Starbucks that moved in next door to try to take its business. They failed - We one!! A David and Goliath story of mom and pop buisness taking on the Corp giants

A floating Sword?

Me on the side of the house. My grandfather built this house after he came back from WWII.
(picture is kinda fuzzy)

"The Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path"

Time Standing Still

Stephen sitting in my rocker

me (kinda fuzzy)

My Tree. I planted this tree 38 yrs ago.



Attack Attack .... Personal attack (an inside joke)

Stephen sitting at my puter

plants in the window

Responding to a message on the Suite

In front of my house
Stephen (TwicePardoned) and yours truly (thejedshed)

My cat Neko

My living room

In deep thought?

Neko again.....

Rock On!!

Neko again....

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