Wednesday, July 27, 2005

To Study God's Word

To study God's word, I have reasoned in my mind, that I need to make the effort and take the time.

If you have a question or do not understand, should I answer if you are blind?

If I know and you do not, does your opinion declare what is what?

If you lack trust in me, how will you ever learn about eternity?

Who do you trust to show you the way?

If I speak and do not follow, then my character is nothing but hollow.

I desire to teach to you, what God has made clear to me, through the use of my study.

With ceaseless debate we go round and round, yet your learning effort has not left the ground.

It appears that I'm only wanting to argue, but you've made little effort to follow through what God is teaching you.

This has been penned through His trusted men, from the prophets to the apostles, so we may learn of Him.

I may appear to be your enemy, but the truth is I clearly see. What is your understanding of eternity?

If you have no clue, are you willing to listen to me?

They will say, "who are you to declare"? Yet the child of God will say, "teach me this so I am aware".

For all things are revealed in His word. Have you listened, have you heard?

Copyright Wendell Leahy
published by

Picture used with permission (Rocks, Trees and Steam) ©2003, 2004 Bryan Carnathan


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