Friday, May 27, 2005


Once we were friends and shared a lot,
but now you see that we are not.
Don't you believe we are the same,
your endless search has no aim.
You are lost and I am found,
are you unaware that you will drown.
I have eyes to see, ears to hear, a mind to think,
or do you believe I'm unaware and have seen the brink?
You are without a map and compass,
you have no route in which to trespass.
You walk in vain, your search is endless.
Your belief is only selfishness.
Here I am again, and maybe for naught,
but I will try to challenge your thought.
I see you circling the drain,
because your attempt for eternity is in vain.
You believe you belong to the eternal world,
yet discard the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
You say that you can find,
yet look at your endless rhymes.
Destiny will come, it is said,
but none of us will escape dead.
And when you arrive where will you be?
It is promised, eternity.
Light overcame Dark,
this is wisdom and understandings part.
It is my desire to help you see,
that the Kingdom of God is to believe.
Receive his son and stop trying to run,
God’s grace is given to everyone.
Hope is eternal life, and when will you realize,
this you will know light.
He has declared this in His Word, this truth you are assured.
But if your path is one of many,
the destination will not be pretty.
The fool is foolish and the wise is wise,
what separates your deception and lies?
For it is written, this of man,
he has fallen and cannot stand.
His goodness is not worthy,
salvation is only through grace and mercy.
And when you find that this is true,
God's word will have meaning for you.
Thoughts of men are understood by all,
this is the truth of mankind's fall.
To stand in righteousness, it must be done.
His hands are still raised, He asks us to come.
As we are, with our sin,
because salvation was nailed into Him.
This is the gift, The only begotten son,
for his blood was drained for everyone.
Grace is given for us to receive, and when it is removed,
all that remains are the deceived.
For it is written, the wicked shall fall,
and in the pit you will find them all.
Vengeance is mine saith the Lord,
eternal salvation is knocking at the door.
Again, here I stand, and again maybe for naught,
but please my friend, will you just give this a thought,
Where will be your eternal lot?

Copyright Wendell Leahy
published by


Blogger richmond said...

Wonderful poem Wendell. I have been reading through the weather articles and others. Now I am depressed enough to start over again. hehe

5:55 PM  
Blogger Wendell said...

Hi Virginia..
Thanks for reading my poem... Its only the second poem I ever wrote. Maybe I need to write another poem about how to not get too depressed over weather articles! (smile)...

11:46 AM  

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