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Free Online Studies

Bible 101 by Sylvia Cochran

BIBLE 101 is an introductory course dealing with the “who”, “where”, “when“, “what“, and “why” of the collection of scriptures we know as The Bible. It is written for the general public in easy-to-understand language, with an emphasis on understanding the origins and mission of The Bible; it is not designed to convert any participant. Those who already believe in the Bible will enjoy the "back to basics" approach.

Bible Study 102 by Virginia Marin

These readings will carry you through the exciting study of Biblical dispensations. The first seven lessons will cover the seven dispensations, time periods involved for each, man's testing in each age, his failure to pass testings known as stewardship, and the results of his failure. The eighth lesson will overview Believers to dispensationalism. This course will help students understand that God has different requirement for different people in different ages

Bible: 5 Poetic Books by Chuck Baker

Get Poetic! One poet's walk through the poetic books of the Bible...

Looking for inspiration? Solid teaching? Then join Christian writer and poet Chuck Baker as he winds his way through the five poetic books of the Bible: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs (Song of Solomon).

Together, we'll learn about the people and events, but we'll also take time to appreciate the poetry. Chuck will show you how these books of the Bible have influenced his own award-winning poetry, and he'll encourage you to write some too! Let's enjoy getting the "meat" from the poetic books, and "meet" each other along the way...It promises to be fun and educational!

Bible Study Methods by Michael A. Sharp

The purpose of this course is to train the learner in distinct methods of studying the Bible with the outcome of developing realistic, specific, measurable applications. Each method learned will train the learner to observe what a text says, interpret it in light of its context and history, and develop applications for practical spiritual living. Learners should posses a high school education but no prior biblical training is necessary. They will receive information on online and on shelf resources that will aid in their study.

Bible Study: Genesis by Michael Sacasas

The course will be a theologically informed survey of the first 11 chapters of Genesis. It will explore the themes of man's origin and his present condition as developed in the stories collected within these early chapters of the Bible.

The course is aimed at any students of the Bible seeking to better understand the essential thrust of the text and consider whether or not the text presents a truthful picture of the human condition.

Christianity for Kids by Denise Oliveri

Have you ever wondered what being a Christian means and how to become a Christian? This course is designed to teach you the wonders of God's love and take the mystery out of being a Christian. You will learn what the Bible is and why it was written. In addition, you will learn about prayer. And, you will see the exciting events of Jesus' life, and the huge sacrifice he made for us. This course is designed for children ages 6-8, with parental involvement.

Coping with Grief by Sylvia Cochran

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding Grief (including the various stages of grief, as well as grieving during the holidays)
  • Different Kinds of Grief (an exploration of the grief felt for the loss of a pet, the loss of self-esteem and dignity as is the case with child abuse, the loss of a child, and a loss due to suicide or murder)
  • Children and Grief (a special section that will explain the ways in which children grieve for adults as well as peers)
  • Helping Others to Overcome Personal Grief (a practical approach on how to be the shoulder to cry on without feeling awkward or at a loss for words, while tactfully avoiding mistakes in the process)

Christian Parenting 101 by Sylvia Cochran

CHRISTIAN PARENTING 101 is an 8-lesson course, spread out over 4 weeks, dealing with the nuts and bolts of parenting a child within the framework of the scriptures we know as The Bible. It is written for the general public in easy-to-understand language, with an emphasis on understanding and applying Biblical concepts to the art of child rearing; it is not designed to convert any participant to a denominational point of view. Those who already parent according to Biblical principles will enjoy this "back to basics" approach.


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