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Secularism and Control (2 of 2)

The New America

Our founding heritage has now moved towards the complete fulfillment of secular pluralism and is now in the midst of attempting this transformation. Modern America is emulating that of ancient Israel, with each generation getting further away from that of their fathers, those who had known God, and had witnessed his miracles. It took Israel some 500 years for religious pluralism to flourish, causing God to judge them, first by sending the Northern kingdom into captivity with Assyria, and finally the Southern kingdom into Babylon. God will judge sin, that of immorality and wickedness, as it is written.

America has become a godless nation, one that professes all gods are the same god, as 21st century America does not resemble our beginnings, with that of the God who declared that all men are created equal, by men who had declared this as an evident truth. Today, this great mix of religion and the right to practice those beliefs without persecution, is the true definition of freedom. That is to say, as close as mankind is able to offer. Religious conflict is what has created the legal issues concerning the public posting of the Ten Commandments, because the first commandment states: "you will have no other God before Me" (Exodus:20). This of course refers to the Christian God, Jesus Christ, the God of Israel. The only people who absolutely object to this truth are the Atheists. They are the Secular Humanists of the modern world. Atheism (secular humanism), the religion of Mankind, did not surface into this world until 1917, less than 100 years ago.
We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. ~Nikita Kruschev
It should be no surprise to anyone, that America, like all free nations, would fall to secularism through religious pluralism. What we have actually before us now is no longer the traditional America of our forefathers, but that of a New World in which all religion is one religion, and that no religion can condemn any other religion, for the sake of tolerance. We have arrived to the place that declaring homosexuality as immoral, as given though the word of God, is now considered hateful and biased intolerance, punishable by law in some Western countries, protecting a very small minority of people (2-5%) that do not agree with the majority on what [our] moral values should be, even though many of them claim to be Christians. Effectively, judical activism is the cause, as the majority of the people have been overruled by a few unelected judges, thus laying down the foundations towards Federalism.

It should be clear by now that Western society has fallen from that of the Christian belief, into that of secular, religious pluralism. The United States is the last remaining free people who will supersede their fundamental human rights, to that of Federalism, bringing us only one small step away from the transformation of democracy into that of socialism. Secularism ultimately will lead to totalitarian rule and the Bible makes this clear with the one world rule of anti-Christ, through the religious belief; all truth is the same truth.
"democracy should be used to establish certain socialist policies to engineer the society toward communism". Karl Marx

“Democracy and Socialism are inseparable." Vladimir Ilich Lenin
Free Society and Religion

Socialism declares that all law made through the state, must be removed from that of religious consideration, including all public expression of personal beliefs, that of morality. Basically, socialism convinces its people to give up their basic human rights for that which the state will control. This is the beginning of control through fear, as socialist ideology claims that peace and safety, will bring law and order, only if the melting together of religion is accomplised, which is to say, the removal of all religion in society. This Humanist idealogy declares that religion is the main source of social problems, and therefore must exclude all declared religious morality as expressed through civil law, otherwise violating the personal rights of opposing religious beliefs; that which is considered moral and immoral. By eliminating these religious differences, true secularism (Socialism) can be possible according to them, by the merging of law, order and tolerance. Socialism is the doorway that leads to Communism.

Balint Vazsonyi stated in his book: "America's 30 Years War: Who is Winning?":
"One target of the socialist agenda for America has always been national identity, which had come so naturally to England, and which America acquired in 1776, at the moment of its founding. Our national identity includes, "...the English language -- embodiment of our institutions -- a common culture, family life based on a shared morality, and a defense establishment of unfailing loyalty and unbeatable strength." These institutions are no good to those who want to change the world. In fact, they are an impediment to their socialist revolution."
What is true with this ideology is that it effectively silences those who oppose positions that are governed by law, such a same sex marriage and abortion. Public issues are not debated concerning the merits of 'what they are' nor that which rests upon 'morality', but that which rests upon what is considered a 'civil right' to individuals, regardless what *we* the people find morally acceptable. America has arrived to the point that all religion is in conflict, thereby restricting the right to *proclaim* one morality over another. Simply put, when morality is removed, the slippery slope of secularism flourishes, thus starting the cycle downward that a nation falls into through complete spiritual apostasy. Morality is that which defines a society, and all the great societies of ancient history lay in the dust bin of ruin, due to their explosive immorality and godlessness.

What secularism actually accomplishes is the silencing of Christianity. This clever tool is used by Satan to bring under control the nations of the world into one world body. The only thing preventing this is the American population. The majority of Western society is godless and secular. All the Western nations started as Christian, and some 500 years after the fall of Rome (split in two) this great melting pot of religious culture, mainly through Colonialism, now emerges as the New Generation that rejects the truth of our Christian heritage, that which God declares through the Bible.

The generations before us began the watering-down of the Gospel message through the emergence of liberalism in the early 1960's, thus opening the way for religious pluralism to take hold today, taking only forty years and one generation to complete. As a free nation we have the right to freely worship [our/their creator] and to define that which is true for [us/them]. If someone objects to what is true, as Christianity would, then it would be considered [offensive] to declare that which another does not consider immoral. Post-modern intolerance (that which is evil) has replaced tolerance (that which is good).
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20
The essence of religious pluralism defines all truth as true, regardless how ignorant such a claim becomes and 21st century tolerance really means acceptance without the possibly to object otherwise, effectively silencing Christianity. The spreading of the Gospel message is what brought forward the decline of immorality, thus bringing to an end the totalitarian rule of government. We have come full circle, and the death of Christianity in the world is nearly complete. With nearly 2,000 years of history, the attempt by the Church to spread the gospel message throughout the world has nearly been fulfilled. It is not possible to have a true Christian theocracy run by man, as the head of this rule is Christ. Jesus said he would not return to set up his kingdom on earth until anti-Christ has been revealed, and bringing with him total and complete totalitarian destruction making Hitler and Stalin look like saints. All brought about by the system of pluralism, which rejects the true and living God, Jesus Christ.

Dr. J Vernon McGee maps out the spiritual decline of a nation in his 'Notes and Outlines' on The Book of Judges:
  • Morally is the time of the deep declension of the people as they turned from the Unseen Leader and descended to the low level of "In those days there was no king in Israel; ever man did that which was right in his own eyes" (Judges 17:6 also compare 1:1 with 20:18). This should have been an era of glowing progress, but it was a dark day of repeated failure.
This course can be plotted like a hoop rolling down the hill of time. The steps of a nation's downfall are outlined in the last division of the book. Isaiah, chapter 1, presents the same fatal steps downward that eventually led to the final captivity of the nation:

The nation serves God----> Did evil----> Forsook God---->
Followed own way (pleasure)----> Sold into slavery (depression and war)----> Slavery----> Servitude----> Cried out to God----> Turned to God---->
Repented----> Judges raised up----> Delivered----> The nation served God
The next article will continue with control, and examine the conflict that religious pluralism has with Christianity, and that which is actually called control, the teachings of the Bible and in particular a place called Hell. Morality is always the basis that sustains a godly society. The conflict that surrounds Christianity and government, is that of law: The Ten Commandments, which declare morality. And that of; Eternal destination, the declaration of God's eternal truths.

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